About Dr Silipigni

We welcome Dr. Jessica Silipigni to our practice (Dr. Jess) here at Garner Chiropractic. She is proficient in Activator Technique, but also great with stretches, Active Release Technique, and she also does manual adjusting. She graduated from New York Chiropractic in 2019. Our patients have been very impressed with her healing adjustments and wonderful personality.

We continue to take temperatures, cleaning all the used surfaces, and following the guidelines from our state chiropractic organization. We try to avoid any reception area waiting, and are scheduling patients every 15 minutes per Doctor. Our new schedule is Dr. Jess is in every Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday, and Dr. Garner is in every other Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. As our situation changes we may add hours as are needed. Of course you will still see the face covered smiling faces of Debbie, Barb and Janeen!

Your health and healing are the reason we are here, and as cold and flu season starts, make sure your immune system is at full benefit, with adjusting, rest, and immune booster nutrition. We are asking our patients to reschedule any appointment they may have if they are showing any signs of cold or flu. Safety of our patients is high priority as is the staff.

Dr. Jess was raised in S.J. She decided to learn chiropractic after a softball injury in high school. Besides her degree in chiropractic, she also has her Masters in Clinical Nutrition. She is an activator doctor like Dr. Garner, has a lot of nutritional knowledge that we would like our patients to learn about and also does the SOT Technique which restores the functional relationship between the head, pelvis and spine.