Chiropractic Care

Our adjusting techniques are unique. We specialize in two different chiropractic adjustment techniques to effectively adjust not only your spine, but to also target the problem joints unique to your pain. Through these gentle corrections to your spine, your spine will become better aligned, your body will become healthier, and your body will begin to heal itself.

The Activator Method

The first chiropractic technique is the Activator Method. The activator is a hand held instrument that moves up to 1000 times faster than traditional methods. This allows an effective adjustment that is much faster, yet still extremely gentle. Dr. Garner is advanced proficiency rated in the activator method, which is the highest level of proficiency. He is the only chiropractor in Gloucester County with this high rating. 

The Pro-Adjuster

The second type of chiropractic treatment that Dr. Garner uses is the Pro-Adjuster. This is a computer based adjustment technique that calculates how much a specific joint needs adjustment to become aligned. This is the only instrument that can record in real time the motion of your joints. It reads the fixation and the mobility of each joint. After the joint is read, the same instrument then makes the adjustment and the joint is re-read. This way both you and Dr. Garner can instantly see the changes that have been made in your spine. This tool is also great for increasing range of motion and Dr. Garner has fixed range of motion problems that patients have had for years with this tool.